Body Painting

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Body art or body painting gives me the ability to instantly shift an image from reality into the realm of fantasy. In my work I do for Safeguard magazine I use body paints to create believable looking burns and cuts. In the work shown on this page reallity doesn't concern me. Capturing the picture in my mind is all that matters.

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For those interested in the technical aspects of body painting. I mainly use water based products because of the ease in cleaning brushes and removing the paint from the subjects skin afterwards. I learned this the hard way, the first time I attempted body painting it took hours to remove the greasy silver marks from our shower and bathroom, not to mention the model.

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The paint/makeup is applied by a number of methods depending on the size of the area to be covered and the detail required. I've used spray guns, airbrush, paintbrushes, pencils and sponges in creating these images. Other than the obvious safety considerations relating to the materials and the tools used to apply the look, there are no rules, only ideas and the enthusiasm to try them.

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