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Back in 1994 on a wild impulse I made the decision to publish a book of my black and white nude photography. To my delight the book sold out. For those that missed out on purchasing a copy here is the Foreword from the book Exposures and a selection of my favourite images.

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The most frequently asked question regarding my work, or at least my choice of subject, is why do I photograph the Nude?

The answer is simple; because I have the desire to - to me no other justification or reason is required. In the same way someone may look at landscape and see tranquility, power or solitude, I see these feelings and emotions in the Nude. My feelings are interpreted by the image. That is not to say that what you see in my images is what I saw or felt. Feelings and emotions are very personal and have many interpretations.

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I remember as a young boy of eight or nine, sitting on a stool in my uncle's garage having my hair cut. My uncle was a barber and my father, brother and I often spent our Saturday mornings at his place working on cars and talking about boats and fishing and once a month getting our hair cut.

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When it was my turn, sitting on that stool always gave me plenty of time to think as my eyes wandered along the dark shelves loaded down with tools and car parts. And on one wall there was an old calendar, always open on the same month with a picture of a nude women standing beside a pool of water in a dark forest.

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The image fascinated me and has stayed in my mind ever since. The mystery of the scene and the sense of freedom I felt as I explored it. It was more than just a naked woman to me. It transported my mind to another world - one I could only get to in my mind and this lone figure represented my place in this world. A timeless place of freedom, space and solitude; all the elements I need to feel at one with myself.

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In my work the Nude represents the letting go of conformity, a window to freedom - special opportunity to appreciate the beauty of form, and of our own unique being.

Given the freedom of choice to do whatever I wanted, this is what I'd do. I'd devote my time to capturing these feelings in a way that can be shared with and communicated to others.

Terry Barnett

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