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Olna Chantelle Ford
Gallery 1 -

Olna Chantelle Ford, born Auckland, New Zealand. She began her career with New Zealand's leading fitness centre 'Les Mills'. Olna was rained and certified in both Gym and Aerobics instruction and decided to travel and work freelance as a fitness instructor. By age 20 she became the manager of a local fitness centre. During this time she paired for the regional aerobics championships, the pair placed third after three weeks of training. Olna was then asked by National mens champ to pair and began training with top choreographers. They gained brand leader sponsorship but Olna's clothing sponsor and fashion designer saw her in another career and entered her into a beauty pageant. Olna won this pageant and took the title of Miss Miller Model NZ. She flew to Honolulu and began what was to be the start of a new career of modelling, travel and promotion.

Passionate about health and fitness, Olna has combined her modelling career with fitness promotions. She became the face, body and voice of brand leader 'Weider' throughout Australasia. Voicing radio commercials, fronting t.v advertisements and appearing on print material. Actively demonstrating fitness equipment and running ultra long distance on treadmills became her talent. Olna has walked 36 hours non -stop for charity which gained great media support. She was certified the youngest Psychosomatic therapist in Australasia, and has given a lot of her time to helping others. Winning each of the beauty pageants she was entered into, Olna has won numerous Pageant titles.

Her true claim to fame came in the Bahamas when Olna was crowned the first 'American Dream Calendar Girl ' representing New Zealand. The pageant has 16,000 entrants from around the world with 80 world finalists competing. Olna has since judged many pageants. On return to New Zealand she was approached to launch a chain of fitness studios throughout Australasia. She accepted the 4 year contract and was frequently featured on billboards, commercials, covers of magazines and all print material, as the face of 'Contours' exclusive ladies health and fitness studios. She was made promotions manager and flew throughout Australia to establish the 'Contours' chain. Olna has been sponsored by many brand leaders including Nike, Saucony, Addidas, Puma, Ray Ban, Oakley and Shiseido. She is determined, focused and thrives on success. Her most recent achievement in her fitness career being a 24 hour run on a treadmill, staged at the Arnold Classic 2001. Her greatest life accomplishment being the birth of her two children. Olna values being a mother as the most important and rewarding job and is currently marketing her own range of products

Olna wishes to thankyou for visiting, and hopes you are keeping fit and enjoying life!

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