Pre 49 Nats

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The Pre 49's at Masterton this Easter gave us the opportunity to clock up some serious miles in our "27" T Roadster. We decided to take a couple of extra days and take in the sights on the way.

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Tuesday: I finished work early and we were on the road at 4.30 in the peak hour traffic as we headed out of Auckland. Kim drove down in convoy with me and Dan and Rachael took turns in the roadster with me swapping rides at each gas stop. First stop Matamata gased up and had a forgetable meal at Kentucky Fried. On the road again heading to Taupo in light rain. Who cares the tops up, the back window is zipped out so what comes in blows right on out. We check into the Karaka Tree Motel at the Napier turn off, as I'm parking the roadster the Motel owner comes out and insists he shifts his car out of his garage and I put mine in. Real hospitality on top of being a great motel.

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Wednesday: After another petrol stop we were on our way around the edges of Lake Taupo in the rain. Then up onto the Desert Road, more rain, I'm feeling real glad that I took the time to give the windscreen the rainex treatment. The rain miraculously stopped for us at Waiouru were we stopped for lunch at the Army Museum. I don't mind the rain when we're moving, it goes straight past, but when you're stopped the rain comes right on in. More petrol and on our way again, next stop Carterton, more petrol then on to Paraparumu and Len Southward's amazing motor museum. It had been seventeen years since I had been there and it lived up to my memories. Dan got a real buzz from seeing the early Ed Roth cars on display.

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Back on the road to Wellington, our timing was perfect, rush hour traffic, and us without much of an idea where  we're going. After a few wrong turns we made it to our Motel and then headed back into downtown Wellington for dinner and to walk the streets window shopping. After a couple of strange encounters in Cuba Street we figured it was time to head back to the motel and bed.

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Thursday: Spent the day in Wellington. Dan and I hunting for Hot Wheels and collectable junk in the secondhand shops. Rachael and Kim checking out the clothes shops. We did the obligatory tour of TePapa museum and spent the night checking out the view from Mount Vic and trying to find a restaurant we had been told about. When we eventually found it we discovered the rest of the city was there and there was no room for us. Second best turned out to be good for us. We could park outside as well, the food and service was great.

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Friday: Gassed up and on the road, over the Rimataka range and up to Copthorne Solway Park in Masterton, home of the 2000 Pre'49 Nats. We checked in at midday and caught up with the other East Bay Rods members as they rolled in. We spent the rest of the day on mini tours around Masterton, out to Magoo's, to Pointon's Garage car collection.

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Saturday: Show and Shine in the towns main street and with 150 plus cars the street was full. Then on to the day's run to Martinborough a beautiful little town centered around a circular park with bars and restaurants facing onto it. The weather was perfect for layed back socializing. Everyone headed back to Masterton in small groups to get ready for the night's entertainment.

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Sunday: Today's run took us to Feilding and Manfeild Raceway about an hour and a half drive in the sun. We all got to cruise the racetrack en mass for a couple of laps. Then sit back and watch those who had their cars scrutineered trying them out on the track. Great stuff untill the rain came and we all headed back to Masterton for prizegiving and another night's entertainment.

Monday: Time to have a last look at the Rods, say goodbye, and head north. We headed to Napier for the night.

Tuesday: Rain, so instead of sightseeing we headed to Taupo for lunch and then followed our steps home. The round trip clocked up twelve hundred trouble free miles.

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